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Protective Medicine

Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Providers - BLS for Healthcare Providers is consistent with AHA Guidelines for CPR/ECC, and covers breathing and cardiac emergencies - including CPR, AED, and obstructed airway - for adult, child, and infant patients.


Emergency Medical Responder (EMR) - This 56-hour course focuses on the critical knowledge and skills to help sustain life, reduce pain and minimize the consequences of injury or sudden illness until more advanced medical personnel take over.


Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS) - TEMS is ideal for medical and non-medical security, protection, and front-line personnel working in potentially high-threat environments. This training is available in 4-hr, 8-hr, or 16-hr blocks of instruction.


Protective Medicine™ | Protective-Medical Training -  The Protective Medicine™ Professional Training Series focuses on the non-medical and protective-medical considerations of care demanded across discreet, private, and security environments. 

  • Protective Medicine™ Fundamentals - This training series provides the foundational considerations of Protective Medicine™ for all security & protection professionals.

  • Protective-Medical Assist - Intended for non-medical personnel, this training series provides critical insight for assisting protective-medical providers.

  • Protective-Medical Provider - This training series is intended for certified, registered, and licensed medical providers who practice Protective Medicine™.

Protective Medicine

Basic Training

Adult & Pediatric First Aid/CPR/AED                           $120

Basic Life Support (BLS) for Healthcare Professionals      $120

Emergency Medical Responder (EMR)                          $900

Tactical Emergency Medical Support (TEMS)

TEMS Crash Course - 4 hr.                                          $90

TEMS Refresher - 8 hr.                                                $150

TEMS Full Course - 16hr.                                            $300


Protective Medicine™ Series

Protective Medicine™ Fundamentals Part I. - 8 hr.          $150

Protective Medicine™ Fundamentals Part II. - 16 hr.       $275

Protective-Medical Assist - 16 hr.                                 $300

Tactical Medicine and Tactical Combat Casualty Care

If you are interested in any of the Advanced Training, please use the contact form below and let us know what dates you are interested in attending. 

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